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Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji Auction!

The Kuji is here.jpg
Hey everyone! When I joined back in December/January and I heard about the eevee kuji, I knew I had to get at least a full box for myself. When I saw all the other people who were interested and then again how many people who have posted recently looking for items, I knew it was a good call to order more then I wanted for myself. As I did not have permission yet, I could not take claims when I ordered them, and watching the community and getting to know it and how much competition there can be for items, I thought that perhaps I would do something different regarding this kuji. I therefore have decided I will put the items up for auction rather then claims spots, so everyone has a fair chance to try and get the item they want, rather then it being first come first serve. So! Here we go! First, as always, a few rules. =3

I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96.
My feedback can be seen here.
133.gifAll prices are in USD and I ship from Illinois. I will only accept Paypal. If you wish to discuss other forms of payment, please ask before committing to buy an item. I reserve the right to decline alternate forms of payment. I reserve the right to not sell to individuals based on behavior, language, feedback ratings or other factors. I will clearly state if I do not wish to sell to you. Please do not take offense, this is for my own (and your) protection.

136.gifTrades are welcome and will be valued for what I would sell it for IF I would add it to my personal collection. I may accept a trade for an item I do not want for a much lower value in order to resell within my own sales. I will let you know which value I am using when discussing trades. My wish list can be found here. I generally will be very interested in any Eevee items you can offer (I am BIG on having the whole set of eeveelutions, so I am much more interested in trading for the whole line over an individual. If the value of what you are offering exceeds what you are interested in, I will consider paying you the difference if you also have your sales permission. Exceptions to the whole eeveelution line tend to be Eevee, Flareon, and Umbreon). I am also very interested in the other fox type Pokemon like Vulpix and Zorua. I also seem to collect Raichu, Lucario/Riolu, absol and kitties. (Purrloin, etc). ^^; - please ask about offering items BEFORE placing your bid

197-fs.pngAll prices listed are for item ONLY and do not include Paypal or shipping fees. Please be aware of this when considering a purchase. I also will recycle boxes and shipping materials. If this is unacceptable to you, for an additional fee I will buy new material to ship your purchase. I plan on shipping once, if not twice a week, and if anything comes up or changes, I will contact you immediately on the thread and/or PM. When sending payment please add your username and the items you purchased: name, price and eevee kuji. If you combine your purchase with any of my store items, please also include the item #

196-f.pngNo refunds or returns UNLESS item sent was NOT what was ordered (EX: you asked for an Umbreon plush but I sent an Espeon plush instead) or condition of item is vastly different then advertised (EX: Listed as MIB and you received a chewed up item). I will try to take the best pictures I can of the items, and if there are ANY questions, please contact me for more pictures or information. I am not responsible for packages lost in the mail or damaged in transit. Please purchase insurance or tracking if you are concerned about this.
Package amounts over 100 will be automatically charged for insurance UNLESS specifically requested NOT to do so.

470 (1).gifAllergy Warning:470 (1).gif
I live with a dachshund/ pug mix who is extremely curious and likes to shed and lick anything he can get access to. He is extremely intelligent and I have caught him opening cans, unwrapping tootsie pops without ripping the wrapper, and unscrewing caps. I cannot guarantee he has not found a way to get to an item and lick it. If you are allergic to dogs, then be advised to find another seller.

471 (2).pngBy purchasing from me, you have read and consented to the rules above. As a final note to potential buyers, I am a disabled individual who has limited mobility. I will try to be consistent with shipping things out on a consistent basis, but should any issues arise, I will be letting you know ASAP. I also will except haggling to a limited extent, however, I am running this store to try and generate an income for myself. I appreciate your understanding in advance.

Payments are due within 24 hours of me giving you your final total which will include shipping/handling charges as well as PP fees. If you discuss things with me beforehand and you win several items, I am willing to accept payment plans. I would prefer to only do so with those currently in the US, but that does not necessarily exclude you from getting a payment plan approved. No items will be shipped to you until the full amount has been paid. If you do not finish paying the full amount owed, I reserve the right to resell the items I am holding and to not refund any of the money paid to that point. Any payments made will also have PP fees added on top of the payment amount.

Alright! Now that the legalease is out of the way, how about showing you the items from the kuji we have up? My lovely assistants from Blues Adoption House have agreed to step in today to help showcase the size of the items up for auction.

Eve, our christmas eevee, is 6 inches tall to the top of her head. (No ears!)
Christmas eevee measure.jpg
Snow, our 1:1 eevee, is 10 1/2 inches tall (no ears!)
1-1 eevee.jpg

*Note: All items will be MIP. Those displayed are my personal items I am keeping. The glass boxes have been opened to verify nothing was broken as well as the key-chain boxes to verify what key-chain was in the box. They were put back into the boxes right after inspection.

Prize A: Pikachu Plush
Size: Approx. 25cm tall -starts at $80
Prize A.jpg

Prize B: Eevee Plush
Size: Approx. 20cm tall - starts at $80
Prize B 1.jpg

Prize C: Lying Sylveon Plush - starts at $90
Size: Approx. 25cm long
Prize B Combo front back.jpg

Prize D: Art Bath Towel
Size: Approx. 100cm long - starts at $30
Prize D.jpg

Prize E: Mugyu Koro Plush Toy Key Rings - Pikachu, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon
Size: Approx. 8cm tall - starts at $20 each
Prize E.jpg

Prize F: Hand Towel - Espeon and Umbreon, Eevee and Slyveon, and all Eeveelutions - starts at $20
Prize F.jpg

Prize G: Glass
Size: Approx. 11cm tall - starts at $20 each (keep in mind fragile nature of this item will require extra packaging cost to prevent breakage)
Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon with blue diamonds; Slyveon, Glaceon, and Leafeon with pink diamonds; Eevee, Pikachu, Espeon, Umbreon with green diamonds
Prize G.jpg
Prize G with box.jpg

Prize H: Tin Mirror Plate:
Size: Approx. 7cm wide -starts at $10 each
Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon (1/3)
Prize H 1-3.jpg
Slyveon, Glaceon, and Leafeon (2/3)
Prize H 2-3.jpg
Eevee, Pikachu, Espeon, Umbreon (3/3)
Prize H 3-3.jpg

Prize I: Clear Mini Pouch - Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon; Slyveon, Glaceon, and Leafeon; Eevee, Pikachu, Espeon, Umbreon
Size: Approx. 10cm tall - starts at $15 each
Prize I.jpg

Prize J: Clear Rubber Key Rings
Size (rubber): Approx. 6~8cm tall - starts at $11 each
Prize J 2.jpg

Last One Prize: Female Pikachu Plush - starts at $80
Size: Approx. 25cm tall
Last Chance Prize Female Chu.jpg

Auction will end on the 10th of May just before midnight (23:59:59) Chicago time. Countdown timer is located here: When the Twilight ends
Anti sniping rules are in effect per community rules. No one likes a sniper, so please don't. =(
Tags: auction, eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, kuji, leafeon, pikachu, plush, prizes, sales, slyveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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