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Blues Adoption House

Banner is in progress... sorry everyone! Should get it up soon. =3

Life Size Blue was made by the talented kyreon! To order your own custom plush from her, click here. Let her know Blue and Yuwaku_kun sent you. ^_-
Welcome to the Adoption House! Please be sure to read the rules below so that we can match you with your perfect Pokemon pet! If any of these rules are confusing, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Unless noted otherwise, all pkmcollectors seller rules apply.

I am well aware several things do not have pricing, and I hope to get that updated soon. If you wish to buy anything without a price, please, offer! I also have determined that giving everything numbers is so difficult and time consuming, and I will be removing it. In its place, when you inquire about an item PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a link to the picture of the item so I know what you are asking about. Thanks! - store last updated 12/8/16

I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96.
My feedback can be seen here.
133.gifAll prices are in USD and I ship from Illinois. I will only accept Paypal. If you wish to discuss other forms of payment, please ask before committing to buy an item. I reserve the right to decline alternate forms of payment. I reserve the right to not sell to individuals based on behavior, language, feedback ratings or other factors. I will clearly state if I do not wish to sell to you. Please do not take offense, this is for my own (and your) protection.

136.gifTrades are welcome and will be valued for what I would sell it for IF I would add it to my personal collection. I may accept a trade for an item I do not want for a much lower value in order to resell within my own sales. I will let you know which value I am using when discussing trades. My wish list can be found here. I generally will be very interested in any Eevee items you can offer (I am BIG on having the whole set of eeveelutions, so I am much more interested in trading for the whole line over an individual. If the value of what you are offering exceeds what you are interested in, I will consider paying you the difference if you also have your sales permission. Exceptions to the whole eeveelution line tend to be Eevee, Flareon, and Umbreon). I am also very interested in the other fox type Pokemon like Vulpix and Zorua. I also seem to collect Raichu, Lucario/Riolu, absol and kitties. (Purrloin, etc). ^^;

134.gifI accept commitments over quotes for single items.  The only exception is for specially labeled items with QUOTE REQUIRED next to their item number.
If an item is requested in a quote for a number of items, I will place it ON HOLD until 24 hours after quote has been issued.  Any commitments requested during this hold time will be held off until the quote is completed and responded to (Quote Requests will be responded to within 24 hours).  If the 24 hours since the quote was given passes, any commitments will be honored in the order they were received.

135.pngWhen asking for a quote or committing to an item, please include the picture link and price posted for the item. This will greatly help me make sure we are both talking about the same item and reduce any sort of misunderstanding. Once a total has been agreed upon, you have 48 hours to send the payment, unless we have discussed about it before hand. If you do NOT do this, you will be left negative feedback and are banned from any current or future sales I may have.

197-fs.pngAll prices listed are for item ONLY and do not include Paypal or shipping fees. Please be aware of this when considering a purchase. I also will recycle boxes and shipping materials if possible. If this is unacceptable to you, for an additional fee I will buy new material to ship your purchase. Since most orders can be sent out in bubble mailers and I need to pay for tape and bubble wrap, orders will have a $2 minimum charge added to cover these expenses. I plan on shipping once, if not twice a week, and if anything comes up or changes, I will contact you immediately on the thread and/or PM. When sending payment please add your username and the items you purchased: name, and price please.

196-f.pngNo refunds or returns UNLESS item sent was NOT what was ordered (EX: you asked for an Umbreon plush but I sent an Espeon plush instead) or condition of item is vastly different then advertised (EX: Listed as MIB and you received a chewed up item). I will try to take the best pictures I can of the items, and if there are ANY questions, please contact me for more pictures or information. I am not responsible for packages lost in the mail or damaged in transit. Please purchase insurance or tracking if you are concerned about this. Package amounts over 100 will be automatically charged for insurance UNLESS specifically requested NOT to do so.

470 (1).gifAllergy Warning:470 (1).gif
I live with a shih tzu mix who is extremely curious and likes to shed and lick anything he can get access to. He is extremely intelligent and I have caught him opening cans, unwrapping tootsie pops without ripping the wrapper, and unscrewing caps. I cannot guarantee he has not found a way to get to an item and lick it. If you are allergic to dogs, then be advised to find another seller. Also, most items I sell are pre-owned by someone else, so I have no idea if it has been in contact with smoke or cats.

471 (2).pngBy purchasing from me, you have read and consented to the rules above. Please put the phrase "I love blue" somewhere in your post to let me know you have read these rules. As a final note to potential buyers, I am a disabled individual who has limited mobility. I will try to be consistent with shipping things out on a consistent basis, but should any issues arise, I will be letting you know ASAP. I also will except haggling to a limited extent, however, I am running this store to try and generate an income for myself. I appreciate your understanding in advance.

197 (5).pngBelow are the links to the many items I have to offer to you, the pkmcollectors community. Please post back on this main sales post for any inquiry's or purchases.

Plushes! Open! (New items 12/8/16)

Mini Figures! (Classified as 2 inches or smaller -Zukans found here) open - make offers if there isn't a price! (New items 12/9/16)

Figures larger then 2 inches! (Due to variety in size, Kids will be found here, as well as kyun chara figures) - Open! (New items 12/9/16)

Flats/Charms/Misc open - make offers if there isn't a price! (New items 12/9/16)

All sprites used on this page come from PKparaiso and are not owned by me.
Tags: charms, eevee, eeveelutions, flats, misc, pikachu, plush, sales
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